A 2014 RECAP

From all of us at S&K Powder Coating, we hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2015 will be a great year for you! We look forward to what 2015 holds for S&K, but we also would like to take this chance to thank all of our wonderful customers for allowing us to have a great 2014. With that being said, here's a quick look back at a very busy year!


S&K Powder Coating placed a high priority in community involvement throughout South Central Kentucky in 2014. While we have set our goals even higher in 2015, we were very happy to reach our community outreach goals for the 2014 year. Below is a list of some of the various community sponsorships and events from last year:

  • Bowling Green Junior High Leadership Breakfast (Sponsor)

  • Bowling Green Assembly Corvette Club Charity Car Show (Humane Society & the Salvation Army)

  • Bowling Green Soap Box Derby

  • Bowling Green Young Professionals

  • Silent Auction - IAS (Clarkson, KY)

  • Trigg County High School Project Graduation (Sponsor) - Cadiz, KY

  • WKU Engineering - 2014 Bridge Team (Sponsor)

  • WKU Olympic Spotlight (Sponsor) - 2014 Winter Olympics

  • Sporting Times Broadcast Network (Sponsor) - Warren East, Warren Central, Bowling Green, South Warren

  • 2014 Bowling Green Home Show

  • Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce

  • Bowling Green Home Builders Association


While our location on St. Charles Ave., in Bowling Green was a wonderful home for S&K Powder Coating over the years, it was obvious that a bigger facility was one of the top priorities moving into 2014. After a very patient approach, S&K was proud to move into a 12,500 square-foot facility in July. The new facility was split into three areas, with shipping and receiving, powder coating and fabricating all being housed in different locations in the plant. The expanded space allowed S&K to increase production and create a customer-friendly environment for industrial and walk-in customers. The new facility is located conveniently on Pioneer Dr., just off of Dishman Lane in Bowling Green.


S&K Powder Coating closed out 2014 by announcing that the company would be expanding its operations to Cadiz, Ky., in the western portion of the state. Located just over 70 miles west of Bowling Green, the Cadiz facility will officially be opening its doors at some point in February of 2015. The announcement was well received by the Cadiz community, as support poured in from community members and companies from across the region. S&K was featured by the Cadiz-Trigg County Economic Development Commission and WKDZ Radio in Cadiz. The facility will be managed by Cadiz native John David Fourqurean.


In 2014 S&K Powder Coating purchased three new steam units, a new oven, paint booth and a new state-of-the-art powder gun. All of these purchases will continue to help S&K provide the best possible quality, while also continuing to place a high priority on enhancing our working equipment.


Obviously 2014 was a wild year in the world of S&K Powder Coating. Moving a company across town and opening up a new facility 70 miles away are both large endeavors, but both are moves that will help S&K continue to enhance its overall capabilities and continue to provide the best possible service to all customers that walk through the door. While 2015 may hold a little less moving, it will be a year focused on increased quality and innovation. We hope to bring new opportunities to the powder coating world this year, while also increasing our capabilities in fabricating.

We hope that you will come see us early and often in this new year, and for those that came to see us in 2014 - THANK YOU!

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