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Many industries across the globe are making the switch from liquid forms of painting to powder coating. As stated in this recent article from, some companies are going away from the traditional liquid lines and going all in on powder coating. Take a look -

Another option to reduce VOCs is to switch from liquid to powder coatings, which are VOC- and HAP-free. Because they don’t emit vapors (or strong smells), powder coating shops don’t require as much ventilation, which can lower cold-climate heating costs. In addition, parts that are powder coated see fewer surface defects, need less rework and tend to be more durable.

Lou-Rich, located in Albert Lea, Minn., manufactures a variety of custom parts, including agricultural equipment and medical devices which, like Graco, they paint in-house. The company planned to replace one of two outdated liquid paint lines. After weighing their options, they chose to replace the liquid paint line with a powder coating line. The switch resulted in an 86 percent reduction of VOCs plant-wide.

Similarly, AGCO, an agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Jackson, Minn., has three paint lines. They wanted to reduce their VOC reporting requirements and looked to incorporating powder coatings in their process. Because some parts that need painting have gaskets and O-rings that could be damaged during the high-temperature powder curing process, they needed to maintain liquid paint lines. By changing one line from liquid to powder, the company reduced its xylene emissions by 56 percent.

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